Minecraft collectible figures

Both of my girls absolutely love Minecraft and we have quite a few of the collectible figures so when we were offered a selection of the new Series 3 I jumped at the chance.


The new Series 3 figures help to introduce some great mobs from the game including my all time favourite Snow Golems. We were sent 5 fully articulated 3-inch figures from the new series: Charged Creeper Pack, Zombie Pigman Pack, Alex with Diamond Armor Pack, Snow Golem Pack and Steve with Minecart Pack. Each of the 3-inch character packs includes its own Minecraft accessories which really adds an extra dimension of play.  Series 3 also includes a few bigger playsets including Alex with Skeleton Horse pack, Alex Survival Pack and a new animal pack which includes a polar bear!


16601 – Alex with Skeleton Horse Pack 

Alex with Skeleton Horse Pack includes a standard Alex figure with Carrot Farm, Skeleton Horse, Saddle, and Bone.


16471 – Alex Survival Pack

The Alex Survival Pack includes a standard Alex figure with Iron Shovel, Stone Axe, Furnace, Torch, Double Chest, and Bed. It is a great set for those kids who like to play make-believe and want to create their own Minecraft house. You could use a small cardboard box as the house and these bits of furniture to make it lots of fun.


16476 – Charged Creeper Pack

The Charged Creeper Pack includes a Charged Creeper, Obsidian Block, and Creeper Spawner Egg.


16477 – Zombie Pigman Pack

The Zombie Pigman Pack includes a Zombie Pigman, Golden Sword, and Netherrack Block.


16478 – Alex with Diamond Armor Pack

The Alex with Diamond Armor Pack includes an Alex figure with Diamond Armor, Snow Block, and Diamond Pickaxe.


16479 – Snow Golem Pack

The Snow Golem Pack includes a Snow Golem, Snowball, and Pumpkin Mask.


16480 – Steve with Minecart Pack

The Steve with Minecart Pack includes a Steve figure, Minecart, and Redstone Torch.

If your kids love Minecraft then these figures make for a great way to get them playing away from the screens and also make a great collectible. They also make a great stocking filler for Christmas.