Mindi’s Curry pots


I hate working from home when it comes to lunch time. I used to love going out to the local cafe or sandwich shop, choosing something tasty and having them make it for me. It was pure laziness and I loved it.

Now I have to get up of my sofa and go into the kitchen to make my lunch. The hardship! Luckily for me a few weeks ago Mindi’s came to the rescue and sent me some lovely Curry pots.

The flavours were fab and the rice lovely and seen as you only had to throw them in the microwave they were perfect for a lunch time snack. The girls also enjoyed eating the Chicken Korma one and the one pot split between them was a great size for their dinner. We enjoyed each flavour especially the Fiery masala one (not pictured) and this was the first one I ate. They taste great and like a takeaway without the grease. They are lunch sized portions though with a naan bread they would be a filling evening meal too.