Microwave snacks from Taste Inc

I never buy convenience food from a supermarket. The idea of getting a pre packaged sandwich or burger that I have to microwave makes me cringe and I told Taste Inc that I would never buy anything like this when they asked if they could send some products to us.

I was impressed with the items. The Calorie content was all below 500 cals, cooked in less than 90 seconds and the fillings were made from good quality ingredients. I was sent the four items below. The Chicken and chorizo was made with a strip of chorizo and two pieces of chicken breast (would be better with three or more), the baguette was like a part baked baguette. It was the first one I tried and on my second one of these I just didn’t microwave the baguette because it went soft and squidgy so definitely not on a crispy baguette. I also didnt microwave the bun of the burgers although the instructions tell you too. I hate microwaved rolls as they just go horrible.
All the fillings were very nice although they were all a bit small for the bread, the Flamin chicken breast was good quality chicken but only filled half of the bun. . The only exception was the Ham and Cheese melt which did fill the baguette.
Taste Inc convenience foods have changed my opinion of the choice and quality of microwaveable foods and if I was ever stood in that part of the supermarket aisle looking to buy a product like this then I wouldn’t hesitate to buy something from the Taste Inc range and I would be interested in trying some of their other products.

My little brother eats this sort of food fairly frequently and he was impressed with the quality and range of these products.

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