Micro Sprite Scooter

With my Xmas Tombola running and a family of Scooters up for grab for one lucky winner, we thought it was only right that Elizabeth was given the opportunity to upgrade her scooter from the small three-wheeled one she has been using. I once had these gas powered scooters which I loved riding on the streets. It was fun and it helped me improve my balance. We wanted Elizabeth to improve her motor skills too that is why we are giving her this pink scooter.

Now she is nearing the end of her treatment and her ankles are getting better using a scooter will help to build her stability and strength so we were really happy when Micro Scooters offered us a Micro Sprite Scooter in Pink.

The Sprite scooter is perfect for ages 5 to 12yrs although it can take up to 15 stone 10lbs so it is suitable for adults to ride on too. The handle is adjustable so they can find their comfortable position. Elizabeth always seems to like her handles high whereas Alison seems to prefer them a lot lower.

Made by Micro to high quality Swiss Design standards you will see why they cost the amount they do and you will avoid any of the issues that come with cheaper made branded scooters. We have bought quite a few £20 scooters in the past and have had all sorts of issues. The Sprite is light weight and can be folded and taken anywhere. It has a lovely wide base plate that makes it perfect for the first ever 2 wheeled scooter as well as great for the more confident riders. The colour is fantastic and the quality of it shows throughout the whole design.

Elizabeth has loved scooting the short distance from the car to school and back and it has made her feel more normal as all of her friends do it too. I am sure that the Sprite Micro Scooter will give her many happy memories over the coming years.

Don’t forget that you can enter to win four Micro Scooters of your choice if you are the lucky winner of that prize in Tired Mummy of Twos Xmas Tombola!