Mega BallZoon by John Adams

The Mega BallZoon by John Adams has been a great hit in this house with my children and the minded kids, even the husband has enjoyed kicking it around and based on the size i can see why you need to be able to deflate it, its huge!

The kids do adore it but i have one problem with it, it only comes with two balloons and they are so big I cant imagine being able to pick up the spares in many places. I would have liked more balloons in the original box.

We managed to pop our first balloon on the first day as soon as we took it outside but it did land on some stinging nettles so that could be my fault. The second balloon is going strong but the kids are being gentle because I have told them once its popped there is no more balloons.

The Mega Ballzoon is bound to be a hit this christmas (for the kids atleast).