Max Mindpower – The bear with the power of awareness

Back in January, I got very excited whilst reading one of the Toy Trade magazines that I subscribe too. You see it isn’t often something is invented in the toy world that really stands out as something different so I set it as my mission to meet a little bear called Max Mindpower. Max Mindpower was having his debut at the London Toy Fair so despite my extremely busy schedule I popped by the stand to meet Max and inventor Nikki.

Max Mindpower is a soft snuggly bear who comes with a whole range of books to help children learn about mindfulness and their emotions. Available in two different sizes that represent different ages, Max Mindpower has four different Mindfulness programmes for the child to listen too. The four programmes are accompanied by the fact that Max simulates breathing with his chest slowly rising and falling.

Max comes with a lovely little jumper and a bag to store his books. The bag can hold three books at a squeeze and is ideal for keeping them safe when travelling.

Elizabeth’s teacher is a firm believer in Mindfulness and she practices lots of different techniques with the children in her class which I think has really helped Elizabeth to cope with her different emotions. Mindfulness is ideal as kids go through the tween years as their emotions change and recognising the different forms of emotions allows them to deal with them rather than hide from them. She was really impressed with Max and loved the different programmes that he featured although he could do with being able to be louder for group mindfulness.

Max Mindpower comes with lots of different books which focus on different emotions. They are all easy to read and understand and have a rhythm to the words used that make them easier for children to read.

We have had Max for a few months now and he is well loved and well used. He even went on a vacation to the school for a short while before they purchased their own as they saw that it made a big difference to some of the children.

If your child struggles with their emotions then I would definitely suggest that you take a look at the Max Mindpower website to read more about mindfulness for children and how this amazing invention can make a difference to your child.

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  1. You know I genuinely haven’t thought we needed a new anything for a while, but I think this sounds like a brilliant idea for a complicated 7 yr old

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