Marvel The Amazing Spiderman 2 toys by Hasbro

When the box arrived from the postman containing some Marvel The Amazing Spiderman 2 toys in it I had to fight it out of Alison’s hands. I have not seen her so excited in months. Allison absolutely loves Marvel and Spiderman is her all time favourite super hero so there is no better child to test out the playability and durability of this range.

We were sent two toys the Spider Strike 3 in 1 vehicle and the motorised spider force web blaster.

First up we look at the Spider Strike 3 in 1 vehicle.


The three in one spider strike vehicle comes with a small Spider-man figure which is magnetised and when sat in the seat allows the wings of the car to spring out. Pressing the release button on the back of the car ejects the three wheeler vehicle forward at speed which is something Alison has enjoyed doing again and again. The back of the vehicle turns into a glider which Spider-man can stand on securely, it looks pretty cool and is great for imaginative play!

Putting the vehicle back together is really easy for young children to do once they have been shown how and Alison can do this herself.

Next up we look at the Ultimate Spider-man motorised spder force web blaster.

The Motorised Spider Web Blaster has actually been a huge hit for the whole family and even Elizabeth has enjoyed having a go. With great aim and a long distance shot we can shoot these disks from our living room to the front door easily. The shooting mechanism is really easy to use so there is no test of strength and skill and as it is motorised the distance covered is fairly close so there are no arguments of who beat who.

The motor is quite loud which is the one downside however this has not stopped play and just serves as a warning noise to anyone in the vicinity who is about to get shot. The Motorised Spider Web Blaster comes with ten soft foam discs that are easily loaded inside the web blaster although luckily not all at once. I have been hit with the discs at close range and they dont hurt which means I dont have to worry about the kids hitting each other too much and as they have a large surface area they are less likely to land in eyes or other unpleasant places.

All in all the Motorised Web Blaster has been great fun to review and is something i would recommend for any Spider-man fan.