Magic Tracks by Re:creation

I first saw Magic Tracks at the Toy Fair in January and I was really impressed. The concept of Magic Tracks is that kids can build whatever track that they want with bends and twists without having to take it all apart again.

The Magic Tracks box includes 220 pcs of Glow track that equals 11ft long, 1 LED light up car and a sheet of stickers to decorate the car. The track comes in four different colours and is connected together in strips in the box to get you started. The track also glows in the dark which looks amazing but I was unable to get a good photo of this.

The track pieces all fit together really easily and can be pulled apart easily as well. You can see how they are joined in the photo below. This gives the track lots of flexibility and allows you to create lots of different track shapes.

You don’t even have to keep the track flat! You can angle the track so that it lifts of the floor which adds a whole other dimension to the way you play with Magic Tracks.

Magic tracks is suitable for ages 3 plus and takes 3 AAA batteries in the car. I originally worried that 3 plus was too young for this product but because the track is so easy to manoeuvre, pull apart and put back together I believe that they have this at the right age. I also think that kids of this age up until about 7 will absolutely love Magic Tracks. You can buy bigger sets and extra cars if you want to race them.

Magic Tracks is unlike any other car track system we have come across in the past. The car is really fast, the fact that you can position the track however you want and that it glows in the dark all adds to the fun. We definitely recommend Magic Tracks if your kid loves playing with cars.