Lots of Lego from Asda

We love Lego and whilst we are waiting for our first Lego family box of the year I was really happy to have the chance to choose from the great selection available from George at Asda where they had some great sets at affordable prices.

We selected Elsa’s ice castle, Jasmine’s palace and the Batman helicopter.

Both girls loved building the sets and Elizabeth was able to do them by herself although Alison needed help with the Batman set.

Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle – 41062

Elsa’s sparkling palace comes with Elsa, Anna and Olaf. The castle comes with a moving staircase, sledge, ice ramp and a picnic.


The bottom of the castle has a ice cream parlour which the girls loved playing with and it added a dimension of play to the castle that fits in well with the theme.

The set was easy to put together with only a few fiddly bits and and it looks amazing. Both girls have loved this and judging from the response I had on Instagram when I shared this it will be a very popular set.

Disney Princess Jasmine’s Exotic palace – 41061

Although a fairly small set this captures the imagination and transports you to Princess Jasmines world with fabulous attention to detail. With a domed roof, a snake, a magic lamp and a flying carpet Elizabeth was enchanted.
Elizabeth built this set all by herself and I was really impressed to see how her concentration was held by this set. I think because she was building lots of smaller items it was easier for her to complete.

We all loved this set and especially Rajah the tiger.

Batman Man-Bat attack

Alison is a huge Batman fan and we have most of the associated Lego sets already so she loved being able to add this one to her collection. With the addition of a comic book in the box you are able to tell the story that matches the set and really get imaginations going.

This set comes with Batman, Nightwing and Man-bat as well as the Bat-copter. It did come with some fiddly bits which required adult help but Alison managed to build Nightwing’s glider and some of the Bat-copter which was really good.

We were really impressed with the Lego and Construction ranges available from George at Asda and would definitely look at purchasing from there as delivery was switch and the packaging was brilliant.