Littlest Pet Shop Playset


Since we downgraded our Sky package a few months ago and managed to wean the children off Disney Junior we have been enjoying some fabulous new cartoons, one of which has been the Littlest Pet Shop. Blythe and the pets get up to all sorts of mischief in the store and the girls absolutely love it.

The Littlest Pet shop Playset is based on the store in the cartoon and comes with two of the pets (Penny Ling and an exclusive ferret) and two Rolleroos pets (Russell and Pepper Clark).

The two pets can perch on the windowsills and around the shop and the Rolleroos can be launched around the pet shop in the tubes. They can also be placed on the cash register and perch on the roof in the little grooves that have been put there.

We love the characters from Littlest pet shop and will be adding to our collection now that we have a home for them. I especially like the glittery ones that you can see in the picture below but think I will concentrate on getting the characters from the show first especially Vinnie and Sunil.