Little Live Pets Lil’ Mouse Play Trail

We have loved the Little Live Pets products but until recently we had not had the chance to play with the Little Live Pets Mice so when we were asked if we wanted to review the Lil’ Mouse Play Trail I jumped at the chance. Elizabeth absolutely loves things like this so I knew she would be so happy when she saw the set and she pestered me so much to open it and get it all set up.
The Lil’ Mouse Play Trail comes in lots of pieces and as much as it looked really complicated to begin with it was simple to click all of the pieces together to create the play trail.
The Lil’ Mouse goes around the trail really well but occasionally flipped over when it got stuck. However the girls loved watching it go around the roundabout, over the dropbridge and along the wheel.
We had a lot of fun with our Lil’ Mouse Play Trail and the girls have made me promise to get a new mouse so they have one each!