LEGO Ninjago Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon and Ninjago City Chase

The new LEGO Ninjago Movie is officially in cinemas this weekend and there are a great value and very beautiful collection of new LEGO sets to go along with it. We’ve been sent 2 sets to look at – LEGO 70607 Ninjago City Chase (rrp £14.99) and 70612 Ninjago Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon (rrp £44.99)

Set 70607 Lego Ninjago City Chase is a really fabulous value set. A great vehicle, market stall, streetlighting and 5 minifigures – Lloyd Garmadon, Shark Army Thug, Nya, Officer Toque and Ham. You genuinely couldn’t hope for more for your LEGO pound.

The vehicle is the Police Car Tuktuk from the movie and actually it’s the perfect transport for 1 or 2 minifigures. Small fingers can get the characters in and out really easily. It’s easy to build and your age 7+ child shouldn’t have any problems building this set quite quickly.

Even the lighting array and signage is gorgeous and really sets the scene. It also balances really well and isn’t fragile, so it’ll survive plenty of play.

Aside from the minifigs and vehicle the main part of this set is the fruit and fish stall from the Ninjago Movie and it’s incredibly simple but stable, with enough produce to satisfy any play. It even includes the spilling basket of apples and terrified shopkeeper.

Suggested for age 7-14+ and priced at £14.99 set 70607 Lego Ninjago City Chase is an amazing little playset or shelf model and I can’t recommend it enough.  

Set 70612 The Lego Ninjago Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon is awesome. It’s utterly gorgeous and a joy to build. The jointed 60cm long dragon has a good range of articulation and will delight anyone who is building as a shelf model just as much as those who want to play with it.

Included in the set are 4 minifigures – Garmadon, The Green Ninja, Sensei Wu and Charlie. This gives you all of the main characters from the Ninjago Movie in one set and delighted my children as they could play out the storyline of the movie without stand-ins or having to buy more sets.

Just as in the Ninjago Movie, the Mech Dragon has multiple weapons. Alas it doesn’t shoot out extra heads, but we have the spikes along his back and stud-shooters at his ankles. A wheel at the base of his spine can be turned to make the tail whip to either side.

The age suggestion is 8-14+ and that is right because it takes a bit of strength to attach the balljoints. There’s potential for frustration for younger builders. Once built though, this model is incredibly sturdy and even with fairly rough play it doesn’t tend to lose anything too important or difficult to replace.

At £44.99 70612 The Lego Ninjago Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon is a big set for your money and very impressive. It’s a model that can still be played with, but keep it on display when you aren’t playing with it because it’s way too pretty to live in a box.

LEGO Ninjago really benefits from not having to pay for a licence and LEGO have passed that saving on to the consumer. The sets are gorgeous to look at, beautifully made and fabulous value.


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