Lego Nexo Knights Magazine – Out Now!

We are the lucky recipients of a copy of the brand new Lego Nexo Knights magazine that is available in shops now.

The magazine is a monthly issue that costs £3.25 and the first issue comes with a limited edition Lance lego set. The magazine consists of 36 pages which includes 16 pages worth of a Nexo Knights comic adventure, two posters, information on the various characters and different activities such as puzzles and colouring. I didn’t know much about the Lego Nexo Knights so having information about the heroes and villians helps to explain the story to me so it is worth reading some of it when the kids are not watching! In the magazine there is also a competition for lots of Lego and the chance to submit drawings and get sent Lego Nexo Knights sets.  As well as a few puzzle pages there are three squirebots to find hidden on pages within the magazine which Alison loved searching for.

Alison really enjoyed looking at the magazine and reading the comic in particular and  building the lego set. The magazine is really good value when you look at the Lego set that comes with it too and I look forward to seeing what the future issues will include.  The next issue on 23rd March includes another Lego Exclusive with Lance’s Hover Horse. I am sure that will be lots of fun to build.

I was going to show you some of the pages from the inside but that spoils the fun and I wouldn’t want to do that. If your kids are in to Lego Nexo Knights I would definitely recommend this magazine and we look forward to receiving future issues and following the stories of the Lego Nexo Knights