Lego Galaxy Squad Galactic Titan (70709) 

I am really lucky to be a Lego Family Blogger but when I received the Galactic Titan I knew just the blogger who would enjoy it. Jenny from The Brick Castle loves Lego and I knew she would enjoy this.
The Lego Galaxy Squad Galactic Titan (70709) is a large set with a suggested age range of 9+. With over 1000 pieces it has a few tricky building features that a younger child would find frustrating, but makes a fantastic set which has masses of playability and really sturdy vehicles that a child will have no issues with.

 There are 7 numbered bags which are quite distinct parts of the build. The aliens are put together during bag 1. The chassis and cab for the main part of the crawler vehicle bags 2 and 3.

There are 2 aliens and a hatchling in an opening egg which can be fired from the top of the aliens tower. The larger alien caterpillar is really impressive with loads of legs and a seat for an alien rider.

You can see the build coming together very well and any 9 year old would really appreciate the progress being made. By the end of bag 3 you have a chassis and cab that are clearly going to be a vehicle. At the end of bag 7 you have a really large vehicle with seats for 3. The chassis construction uses a lot of Technic Lego which gives it the strength and rigidity.

The Galactic Titan has a really quite complicated vehicle which separates into a spaceship and crawler and has 3 ‘good guys’ to staff it. There are lots of moving parts including the wings, flick to fire missiles, and opening hatches for the men to get in and out. It’s really well engineered and will withstand a lot of actual play. Removing the flying vehicle can be a bit tricky and requires good hand strength, but the model doesn’t demolish when you do remove it.

The Titan set retails at around £80, which is standard for a set of this size and with all the playability offers excellent value. My 4 and 5 year old boys have played with this set and some of the other Galaxy Squad for the last 3 days, yet the vehicle remains mainly intact and they haven’t become frustrated with it at any point. They’d struggle to build it, but they can certainly enjoy it.