Lego Family Blogger pack – Chima and New Ultra Agents

Receiving our Lego Family Bloggers pack is always exciting but getting our hands on brand new ranges has got to be our favourite bit.

With this in mind we were very excited by the new Ultra Agents Riverside Raid set that we received. Ultra Agents have been called in to fight against the Super Villains to protect Astor City. To accompany the Lego range there is a new and FREE app which features a six-episode interactive graphic novel. The app is awesome according to Alison and as you complete missions you receive alternative building instructions for the different sets (available as PDF) which allow you to rebuild your sets into something new.

The Riverside Raid set is marked for 7 years plus but the girls are getting very proficient at building Lego and so working together they didnt require much grown up support when building this set. The set features two characters, Agent
Max Burns and Villain Adam Acid. Adam Acid is trying to steal two containers of toxic compound and Max Burns needs to use his quad bike/jet speeder to catch him and save the day. With moving winch and stud shooters this set is great for using your imagination and makes for Epic battles.
Another great set for Epic battles is the new Vardy’s Ice Vulture Glider. The land of Chima is under siege from  the ancient ice hunter tribe and they are freezing everything in site. The good guys need to use the power of Fire CHI to save the day. The Ice Vulture Glider comes with a detachable flyer which Vardy could use to escape, it has dual flick missiles on both sides. Lundor has a firey weapon station that moves around and allows him to shoot fire at the Ice Vulture. All very engrossing and great for the imagination. The girls love it and it has added another dimension to the wonderful world of Chima.