Lego Batman The Movie


When you receive a DVD on the Thursday and by the Sunday you have watched it four times and heard it on the in car dvd players twice I would say that it was definitely a hit. I wasn’t sure that the girls would enjoy the Lego Batman Movie but knew that me and hubby would so when they asked for it again and again we were really surprised.

The Movie uses some of the clips from the Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes game that we reviewed last year.  It is based around the Joker working with Lex Luther to overpower Batman and Superman. With a host of villians from the DC universe and all the super heroes from The Justice League, this is a Lego film to rival any of it’s mainstream cousins. This movie introduced the girls to some characters that they didn’t know like Wonder women, cat women, two face and the green lantern. They have become really interested in the different characters and I can see us introducing them to the other DC characters gradually over the next few months.

Lego Batman The Movie is fantastic dvd for Lego fans, super hero fans and any one else really. The film included some great humour and the girls loved it when Batman and Superman tricked Lex Luther and Joker by switching bodies. This has been and will continue to be a popular dvd choice in our house (and car) and I know we will watch it many more times.

The hubby did his usual trick of watching the DVD extras, which I’m glad he did because there was some great homemade Lego Batman shorts which are well worth watching.

I would highly recommend this movie to everyone I know but you are not borrowing ours!