Lego Advent Calendars


Every year I take a look at the different types of advent calendars available for the kids and every year I look at a bigger and bigger selection. If spending more than a few pounds on an Advent calendar I want it to contain something that gives not only the excitement and joy of opening each door but I also want it to contain something that the girls will want to keep after Christmas.

This year we were lucky enough to be sent the Lego Friends and the Lego Star wars advent calendars so the girls had one each. I was really impressed with the quality of the individual models with lots of festive treats like Christmas trees, presents and snowmen.

The Lego Star Wars set contained loads of figures and vehicles that are from the series so would be great for a Star Wars fan. Both of the girls loved their advent calendars and although some of the models needed adult supervision most of them were straight forward and easy to build.

A definite purchase for next year and we might even look into the Lego City one too.