Learning Resources Pocket Money Bingo

Pocket Money Bingo is a great bingo game from Learning Resources that is aimed at children aged 5 plus. For 2 to 4 players it helps children to recognise coins and add money together. The set comes with a spinner, four bingo cards and a bag of plastic coins.
Pocket Money Bingo has two levels of play with the bingo cards being reversible. You can also reverse the spinner to show the coins heads or tails face up.
The game is really good for coin recognition and addition. Level 1 allows you to cover the coins based on the outer circle on the spinner. Level 2 allows you to add up the coins in the middle and outer circle and cover the square if you have a product that is worth that exact value.

This is a brilliant game for kids to enjoy and both Alison and Elizabeth have improved their coin recognition after just a few games so this is definitely something we will keep playing.