Learn to Swim Baby Annabell

We decided to take along the brand new Learn to Swim Baby Annabell on our holiday to Morocco last week and had lots of fun introducing her to the water to see how she got on.

Learn to Swim Baby Annabell takes 3 AA batteries which are not included. You need to unscrew the back panel which was very difficult to take off but this is because it has to be waterproof when tightened.

Learn to Swim Baby Annabell comes with arm bands which can be slightly inflated, a swimming costume and a hooded towel.

Learn to Swim Baby Annabell does not move when out of the water which had me confused to begin with as I was convinced she was broken but after checking the instructions I saw that she only makes noises out of the water.

To teach Learn to Swim Baby Annabell you have to hold her upright in the water where she splashes her arms in the water. You can then lie her back where she floats and kicks her legs and arms.

I did find that Learn to Swim Baby Annabell was a little bit temperamental with her swimming and like all babies refused to perform at times but then she was in a swimming pool with waves rather than in a bath tub which is where I can imagine she was designed to be.

I loved the fact that she was fully submersible and that she came with her own little hooded towel with was definitely a nice touch. The arm bands are just like those we used for our kids when they were younger with the same air valves as well which would be great if you have a child who doesn’t like wearing them as they can play with Learn to Swim Baby Annabell with her arm bands on.

Learn to Swim Baby Annabell is a bit young for my girls who are 8 and 9 but when we were playing with her we attracted the attention of a young girl who was 6 who fell in love with her. We gave Baby Annabell to her and saw her play with it at the pool every single day after that which just shows me how much these toys can be loved by the right age.