LeapBand making children active


Now Elizabeth loves the idea of having a pet and really enjoys looking after electronic pets. When I explained to her that the LeapBand allows her to look after a pet but to do so she had to do exercise she loved the idea. She also loved the idea of the more exercise she did the more pets she could have cue excessive star jumps and running around the garden.

LeapBand is available in four colours and is suitable for ages 4 to 7.

The LeapBand allows you to track your activity using easy to read energy bars. Parents can set up to 50 audio challenges and the more the kid moves the more points they will receive.

To care for your pet there are a few things you can do

Customise & Play – Pick a pet and choose its name and colour; then get active with your pal

Learn Healthy Habits – Feed your pal healthy snacks and learn about nutrition with fun facts.

Keep Your Pet Happy – Bathe, feed and groom your pet to earn more points and unlock pet accessories.

You can also extend the play by earning points for being active and unlock play
on other devices or by earning rewards playing games that sync back to LeapBand. You can do this on Leapfrog wireless devices and on Andoird and iOS devices using the Petathalon app.

We have still not fully explored all of the capabilities of the LeapBand but the girls both enjoy looking after the pet and taking part in the challenges.