Le Toy Van – My First Tool Bench

The Le Toy Van wooden tool bench with pretend power tools is a great imagination toy that is well built and will be played with for years. The tool bench features a push down drill and a power saw. It comes with a comprehensive set of tools that includes clamp, saw, hammer, spirit level, right-angled ruler, spanner and a chalk board. Plus a handy storage shelf and two planks with nuts and bolts for creative play.
Being able to store everything neatly on the shelf underneath is obviously a fabulous feature and with a variety of holes on the top and side of the tool bench the imaginative play can continue for many hours. Both Alison and Elizabeth have enjoyed playing with this and it is really sturdy and easy for them to use. They have asked if we could get more wood and screws as I think they want to build something really big but for now they are happy pretending to fix everything in sight.
This Tool bench has been a huge success with all the kids who have visited our house and it is never left alone. It is also small enough that is does not take up loads of space which is always a positive. However it seems that now Alison has decided we need to get the tool belt to go with it.
I would definitely recommend the Le Toy Van range for quality and they have some amazing toys that will stimulate the imagination of any child and grown up.