Kinetic Rock – Rock Crusher Playset

My girls have been huge fans of Kinetic sand since they first got their hands on it a few years ago so I knew that they would love Kinetic rock. I was first introduced to Kinetic Rock at the London Toy Fair and I loved the concept. Kinetic Rock uses lots of small real rocks that stick together for real construction play. We were sent the Kinetic Rock – Rock Crusher play set by Spin Master.

The Kinetic rock – Rock Crusher Play set is for children aged 3 plus due to small parts and the fact that younger children may try and eat the rock. I would still recommend that you supervise young children under the aged of 5 as the Kinetic Rock can get everywhere if you are not careful.

The Rock Crusher Play Set includes a bag of Kinetic Rock, a man, a truck, a rock crusher, a boulder shape and a plastic jack hammer. You have to build the truck and the man but this adds to the fun.

The other great thing about this set is that the box becomes part of the play. When you unfold the box you will see a construction scene. You can put the warning sign on the side of the box and use the box as a way of containing the Kinetic Rock in one place.

The boulder shape is used to create rock boulders that can be used to build or that can be placed inside the rock crusher. You can also use the Jack Hammer to smooth down the surfaces.

Although it initially it doesn’t look like you get a lot of Kinetic rock in the set once you start separating it and playing with it you soon realise that it is quite a lot and perfect for all of the different play elements in the set.

The Rock Crusher is really good fun and my girls favourite part of the set. You place a boulder or compact bit of kinetic rock and turn the handle until it gets broken up and ones out of the side.

The dump truck is really simple but effective and you can pick up some of the kinetic sand using the grabber at the front, swivel it around and drop it into the back. My girls are 8 and 9 and they still loved this set and were using there imaginations together for quite a while telling a story about building a house.

One warning though, Kinetic Rock gets everywhere. My girls were being careful and I still found some of my socks a few days later so I assume some fell into the rug at some point. It does tend to stick to clothing and will need to be stored in a air tight container between play which isn’t included. I just use an old takeaway container for mine but it is definitely something to think about.