Kids Spinbrush My Way Toothbrushes

We had a lovely parcel arrive on Saturday morning, it contained 8 prizes for the tombola and 2 presents for Elizabeth and Alison. I never knew my children could love receiving toothbrushes as a present so much. Here is a video of them making their toothbrushes extra special.
A battery powered plain white toothbrush with a gem as a button, these brushes come in a great box containing 141 stickers these range from quite childish like the animals to more grown up with the instruments and slogan stickers. The stickers are easy to peel of the paper and stick down really easily. My girls brushed their teeth 6 times in the space of an hour after decorating their brushes and have continued to be excited about brushing their teeth ever since.

The Spinbrush comes in girls and boys and I have 4 of each up for grabs in my tombola.

Here is what Elizabeth thinks of her new toothbrush.

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