Kiddicare Buzzing Brains Keyboard


A few years ago we had a keyboard for the girls. It was great but they soon broke it by spilling a drink on it. Now they are older and they really know how to look after their toys. When Kiddicare were showing me their Christmas gift guides I saw the Buzzing Brains Keyboard and just knew it would be a hit. The girls are very much into performing and something like this allows them to put on a show all the time.

Alison absolutely loved singing along on the microphone and I had to dig out a few keyboard tunes from my phone so I could play along to her singing her current favourite songs including Londons Burning.

The keyboard is well made and the legs were really sturdy  as was the stool. The keyboard had lots of different buttons for the kids to press which played demo tunes, recorded and played back and set 8 different rhythms and they are just the ones I remember! There is also flashing lights which go in time to the music. 

This is a great keyboard and microphone that is well built and meant to last. It pleases Alison (4) and Elizabeth (5) but would also be suitable from a younger age.