Keeping out the cold in Lapland

When I knew that Elizabeth and I were heading for a day in Lapland my initial thoughts were about how to keep warm in the snow. We wanted to take part in all the activities but with the temperatures able to drop to the minus twenties there was a real risk of us just being too cold to take part. Thankfully for me I had two fantastic companies come to the rescue.

Heat Holders

The makers of amazingly warm socks I was surprised to hear about all of the other fantastic products that they supplied. As a huge Heat holder sock fan (as I wrote last year) adding more items to our collection was brilliant. Heat holders sent me a pair of adult gloves and a pair of adult thermal leggings. 

The thermal leggings were amazing and over the top I placed a pair of jeggings and then thin waterproof trousers to keep me dry. With just those three items I was lovely and warm and able enjoy playing outside for many hours. In fact when we went for lunch I was so warm I had to go outside and cool down!

The Gloves were fabulous and are lovely and soft inside. I didn’t get cold hands once but as I was playing in the snow they did become quite wet so maybe the option of a water proof pair could be a good idea? These gloves are now inside my normal coat pockets and will see me through the winter here too, that is if I can stop Hubby from stealing them!


Aldi came to my rescue when they offered to send Elizabeth a Ski jacket and trousers. The set was just fantastic and with braces to hold the trousers up and a lovely pink coat Elizabeth was over the moon. She loved rolling around in the snow and I was happy knowing that the clothes she was wearing were keeping her warm and dry. I could not believe the quality of the jacket and trousers and I can see her using the jacket throughout the winter and not just when it is snowing.

Aldi Snow Jacket and Trousers and Heat Holder Gloves

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Heat Holders and Aldi for making our day trip to Lapland so successful and of course to When you wish upon a star for taking us.