John Adams Christmas fun

I love it when I get a lovely festive parcel and the lovely people at John Adams really outdid themselves with this amazing offering. I really didn’t want to open it but the press release included meant that I just couldn’t resist.

Now for me Christmas just wouldn’t be the same unless we had played some board games and this parcel helped solve the conundrum of what we were going to play.

Split Second

Split second is not only a great looking game but it also a test of your reactions and your IQ. Players must race against each other to write down the answer to a question from one of five categories and then flip their paddle into the centre. The quickest correct answer wins the point. It is a great game as it is not what you know but how fast you know it!

Think Words!

Think Words! is a fabulous fast action game where you have to name something from the chosen category in under 10 seconds using only the letters still available on the board.  The further through the round you go the harder it gets. It is a really simple to learn game that can provide hours of fun and is a great game for most of the family. As long as they know what words begin with they can join in so Alison and Elizabeth have both enjoyed this one.


I have heard about this game before but I have never played it so I really enjoyed getting to grips with it. Rummikub has been around for over 50 years and the easiest way for me to explain it is as a tiled version of Rummy the card game but instead of 7 cards you have 14 tiles. We have played Rummy with the girls a few times so they completely understood the concept and were very good at it if not a bit slow. I love the game and think it is definitely one for the whole family.

We had an amazing Christmas playing these games and more. Did you play games as a family?