It takes twoo baby, it takes twoo baby, Elmo and you!

Ok so the songs he sings maybe going around and around in mine and hubby’s head but actually they are not bad songs and they are really catchy. As a mum I love the fact that he sings the alphabet song (with a twist) and although Elizabeth can already do this she is now doing it more often and even Alison has started to join in and is getting most of the letters right.

Elmo comes with his very own microphone and two instruments – a tambourine and a drum set. The girls can choose which Elmo plays, and he recognises which one they give him. They can also play along on Elmo’s instruments. Elmo can be quite bossy and asks for his instruments but that is usually if they have stopped playing with him or he is playing the same instrument over and over. I would say the only thing that irritates me a little is having to keep pressing his foot for the next song but I bet if it was on continuously I would be moaning about that too so there is no pleasing some people.

The press release says 18 months plus so surely my 3 and a half year old would be too old right? Wrong! She loves him and he even has to sleep in her bedroom. We received Elmo on Thursday and I had it with me when I picked Elizabeth up from school. We walk home everyday with a set of triplets who are in Elizabeths class, they are all boys and can be quite mischeivious and cheeky and they usually run ahead but not this day. All the kids took it in turns carrying Elmos big box and they were good as gold. Elmo has been everywhere with us since we got him, he has been to nana’s house and Godfather Alex’s house, he even had breakfast with Elizabeth on Friday morning. Alison is also madly in love with Elmo and loves holding his microphone for him whilst he drums along although sometimes he ends up eating it. Even the hubby has said he is impressed with the animatronics involved.

When you look at the prices that toys go for nowadays then Elmo is up there with the best of them with a RRP of £69.99 it comes in quite expensive but shop around and you can always find a better deal, one quick search on google revealed that Elmo is on sale in toysrus for £49.99 still on the expensive side but it is fun, its interactive and its educational and my girls definitely give it a thumbs up.

It was on Alison’s christmas list this year and would have been her main present due to the price tag but thankfully we received this one to review (only problem is what to get her now).

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