Interplay Fairy Garden

When we received the Interplay Fairy Garden CraftBox I did not expect Alison to be the one that was excited about it however they both enjoyed this activity.

The Fairy Garden craftbox contained everything you need to make your own fairy garden apart from some soil.
Alison loved digging up a part of our garden to get some soil.
Elizabeth set about doing the hard work fitting together the fairy house. I love the fact it was already decorated and slotted together. This meant she was able to do this all by herself.
She was very happy with the finished product and had a real sense of achievement because she was able to do it with minimal help. She had help to tie the washing line on but she was able to do the rest herself and she really enjoyed placing the items and making it look pretty.
The finished product looks amazing already but when the grass seed grows it will look even better, watch my twitter feed as I will put a picture on once it has grown.
This was a brilliant craft set, in fact one of the best I have ever seen and I would highly recommend this set to those who love crafts but are not overly creative, like us.