Interactive Tiny and Buddy from The Dinosaur Train


We love the Dinosaur train in our house and I have wanted to get my hands on these Interactive toys since I saw them last year at one of the Toy fairs.

We received an
Interactive Buddy and Tiny and they are really well made and look and sound just like the characters from the TV series,

The characters talk, sing and roar together and react to what each other are doing or saying.

Buddy has sensors on his nose, mouth and feet. You can push his nose to make him sniff and sneeze, his mouth to make him chomp, talk about his teeth and food and stomp his feet.

Tiny has sensors on her mouth, feet and wings. You can push her mouth her hear her chomp, talk about her beak and food, stomp her feet or flap her wings.

Both characters have a button on their belly which you press to get them interacting with each other.

When playing with one character the other character responds based on what you were playing with. for example flapping Tiny’s wings will make Buddy say that he wished he had wings and by stomping Buddy Tiny will say that Buddy’s stomp is really loud. This means that they don’t just sit there talking to each other which can be annoying if your child has moved on to play with something else.

You can get lots of other Interactive characters and they will each unlock more phrases as they talk to each other based on the tv series.

An added bonus for us parents is that you can switch them off using the switch on their side.

I would definitely recommend these characters for any Dinosaur train fan as they really do look and sound like they should and with all the different features they would be great for imaginative play.