In the Night Garden Goodnight Friends Upsy Daisy

When I was offered an Upsy Daisy for Alison to review I was delighted, one because Alison is usually too young to do any reviews and two because she loves In the Night Garden.
They looked very happy when it arrived.
Mummy was very happy it didn’t require scissors
I loved the pattern on her nightdress.

However as a mum there was two things I didnt like.

When removing Upsy Daisy’s clothes from the packaging the skirt had holes in it because of the tags.
The book is not very thick and I dont mean its not a long book I mean the cover is really flimsy.

However my children do not notice these things, in fact they love Upsy Daisy a lot. Alison has Upsy Daisy in bed with her as I write this and Elizabeth has her daisy night light (its good to see them sharing). They love the fact you can take her clothes off (and its easy for little hands), they love that she has day time clothes too. They really enjoy putting her slippers on and taking them off and putting them on and taking … well you get the point.

If you saw my review yesterday about the bigjigs tea set then you can just imagine Alison having tea with Upsy Daisy, well she says coffee (I must drink too much of it) but you get the idea. Upsy Daisy has been everywhere with her and I am sure she will continue to come everywhere with us too.

I was sent In The Night Garden Goodnight Friend Upsy Daisy free of charge for the purpose of this review, Hasbro have also donated multiple products for my tombola.

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