If you read only one article about waking your kids up for school read this one!

Catchy title right and believe me I wish I had read this article myself a few years ago instead I have tried all sorts of ways to get my kids up and out to school in time and I had very nearly given up. My girls are only 6 and 7 but I have had 3 and a half years of doing the school run and enough is enough.

My kids are absolutely rubbish at getting up for school, well they were anyway. Now they jump out of bed with a smile on their face and even I can’t quite believe the results came from such a simple solution.

I mean we have all tried the normal solutions; having a bath before bed, going to bed early, giving them plenty of time to wake up in the morning, being well prepared for the morning to help speed things up. Absolutely none of it worked until now and it was all down to the alarm clock.

Now I have had a Lumie Bodyclock starter clock in my bedroom for the last few months and I don’t know how I would have coped with the winter mornings without it but I hadn’t even considered putting one in the girls bedrooms and I have no idea why it had not crossed my mind.

For the first week back at school we did two mornings without a Lumie Bodyclock in Elizabeth’s bedroom and she was stroppy, slow, unable to listen and absolutely rubbish at getting out of bed. Each morning was an absolute nightmare and I was happy to drop her off at school to give myself some peace and quiet. It is horrible to feel like that about your own child so I decided that something needed to change.

We put a Lumie Bodyclock into her room and set the timer for 7am which is the time I normally wake her up.

For the next few mornings we held our breath as she got up and came in to our room all sunshine and smiles. It was like having a completely different child and now after a whole week I can honestly say that having a Lumie light in Elizabeth’s bedroom to wake her up has changed our mornings and made getting up almost a pleasure!

If you are struggling to get your kids up in the morning I highly recommend that you invest in a Lumie Alarm Clock and see how much of a difference it can make to your mornings.