Hotter shoes shop experience


Back in June I received a pair of shoes from Hotter Shoes. I chose them of the internet and had no idea that Hotter shoes actually had a shop.

When I got an email in September asking me if I wanted to go along to my local shop and choose any pair of shoes and have a Hotter Shoes Shop Experience I jumped at the chance.

There was lots to choose from and with winter around the corner I decided that a new pair of boots would be the most sensible decision.

I struggled and struggled to choose and tried on a few different pairs loving the comfort and feel. I fell in love with one pair but unfortunately they did not have it in my size but seen as I have gargantuan feet I was more impressed with how many they did have in my size.


The Hotter Shoes store was unlike any other shoe shop that I have been to and the layout, decor and props make it feel like a home from home.

It is not crowded and there were lots of different seats to perch on and relax whilst the staff helped with the selection of shoes.

Hubby really liked the look of the mens section and kept asking me if I would be willing to get him some shoes instead of me.


I loved having my boots fitted as they checked my shoe size including width and selected boots that were suitable.

It has taken me a month to write this most because I believe that you cant review a pair of shoes or boots until you have really worn them. My boots have been worn everywhere but the Matilda Mae Welly Walk to a day in London, a trip around Disneyland Paris to Drayton Manor.

The best thing I can say about them is that I never realise I am wearing them. I suppose that is a weird thing to say but I usually live in trainers that are comfortable and flat and no bother at all. I can switch to these and wear them all day (and night) if I have to with no aches, pains or blisters. In fact I have taken to wearing these instead of my trainers!

Every pair of boots should be like these.

they are called Mystery boots and it is a mystery to me why I have never had boots like this before

and they are purple too which makes me love them even more!