Hotel Chocolat – The Easter Chocolate Goody Bag

If you were to ask me what my favourite chocolate was then I would not hesitate to say Dark Chocolate Hotel Chocolat. Every birthday, Mothers day and Christmas I would be extremely disappointed not to find some lovingly wrapped up for me so when I was asked if I wanted to review something from their Easter selection I jumped at the chance.

As amazing as their easter eggs are I have a bit of a problem where if it is open I will eat it so to help me succeed at my diet I decided to review the Easter Chocolate Goody Bag.

The Easter Chocolate Goody Bag contained a small slab of salted caramel chocolate, a box of Hop milk bunnies, a bag of raspberry Egglets, a packet of three different pralines and a packet of caramel city bunnies.
The bag of Raspberry Egglets contained 8 eggs, 4 wrapped and 4 unwrapped. The hard chocolate shell protected a zingy raspberry ganache that was sharp and perfectly balanced against the chocolate.
The box of Hop bunnies contained 3 individually wrapped milk chocolate bunny rabbits that were thick and creamy and the individual wrappings did not stop me eating them all the same day unfortunately!
The packet of three pralines were delicious. Each one was in a different chocolate given them each a slightly different flavour. The pralines were each well balanced and full of flavour.
As much as I enjoyed the Salted caramel slab I felt there was not enough of it and I felt the same about teh Caramel City Bunnies, 6 was just not enough! The gorgeous milk chocolate bunnies were filled with a delicious runny caramel and unfortunately I had to share these with the kids which seriously depressed me. However it is my birthday soon and so I have more delicious Hotel Chocolat chocolates to look forward too.