Hotel Chocolat Serious Dark Fix Extra Thick Easter Egg!


Sometimes being a blogger can be a hard life, it is especially hard on my waistline but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make especially at this time of year when I get the opportunity to sample some fantastic Easter eggs. Now Hotel Chocolat is my all time favourite chocolate and as dark chocolate is my preferred type (although don’t get me wrong I love all chocolate!) I couldn’t resist agreeing to review this Serious Dark Fix Extra Thick Egg.

The box contained a
70% dark chocolate egg, 2 x Rum Truffles, 2 x Almond Marzipans, 2 x Easter bunny cocktail egglets, 2 x Pecan brownies, 2 x Pistachio crunchs and my all time favourite 2 x Chilli pralines. The egg was in two halves both wrapped individually and inside each half was a packet containing 6 chocolates. The packaging is amazing and feels luxurious and the kids have already stolen the box to store things in.

The Extra thick shell was a slight disappointment but also a good thing. As you can see by the edges of the shell in these this picture is very thick but that is not a thickness that goes all the way through. I really don’t think a shell with a centimenter width would be such a good idea as it would be very sickly. Luckily for me the thickness soon evened out and was deliciously thick with a really good bite to it. The chocolate snapped rather than bent which is something I have noticed in cheaper thinner eggs over recent years. The 70% dark chocolate was satisfying and not sickly and the chocolates that came with it had a variety of flavours that all complimented the dark chocolate.

Now I have eaten all the Easter chocolates I am trying to drop hints ready for Mothers Day as if he buys me some now he can get me an additional free gift too.