Hot Wheels RC Drone Racerz

Alison loves drones but most of them are far too old for her so she was really interested in the Hot Wheels RC Drone Racerz from Bladez when she saw it at Autumn Fair. The Hot Wheels RC Drone Racerz is a 3-in-1 drone + vehicle set. The drone can be flown by itself or clipped on to the Hot Wheels car to drive and jump. The car can also be used by itself as a normal toy car.

The set comes with the Drone, car chassis, controller, 4 x spare propeller blades, USB charger cable,  screwdriver and a cardboard stunt set which you need to assemble.

The phone holder is great to record your stunts although I did have to take my phone out of its case for it to work.

The drone charges via USB. It can be charged by connecting the charger to your computer or the controller. Charge time is 60 minutes.

The controller takes 4 AA batteries which are not included. However I love the fact that they include a tiny screwdriver so you can access the battery section.

The propellers on the drone have a protective edge around them which will hopefully prevent them from getting damaged however you do get spare blades in the box just in case.

When connected to the drone is connect to the car the RC Drone Racerz is compatible with any Hot Wheels tracks so if you have some of these then it is a great addition. Tracks are not included in the box but the cardboard stunt set is lots fun to use instead and we quite liked the freedom of playing with it on the floor and driving it wherever we wanted.

The controller looks really complicated to begin with but once you learn what all the buttons does then it is easy to use. You need to connect the controller to the RC Drone Racerz but the manual tells you how to do this. The manual also talks you through how trim the Drone for added stability and how to adjust the speed setting.

The Hot Wheels RC Drone Racerz actually has some great functions which make this more user friendly for younger children. An example of this is the Headless Mode Feature which allows you to operate it without worrying about the orientation of the drone this is great is this is the childs first drone as it makes it easier to fly. Another great function is the Home feature, if the drone is quite far away you press and hold the home button for 2 seconds and the drone will fly back towards you. When it is close enough then you can press the home button again.

We have loved using the Hot Wheels RC Drone Racerz and definitely recommend it for younger drone enthusiasts who find the bigger drone too hard to fly.

You can buy the Hot Wheels RC Drone Racerz from Argos –