Hot Wheels Origins of Awesome dvd

AVAILABLE NOW on DVD – Includes sheet of cool car customisation stickers

Alison is a complete tom boy and I really struggle to find her an age appropriate show that is not all about fighting. That was until we were sent this fabulous dvd to watch. We have never watched any Hot Wheels shows before so it was a completely new experience and Alison absolutely loved it.

The four kid characters Gage, Wyatt, Brandon and Rhett are skilled racers and they are all members of Team Hot Wheels. There quiet town Hilly Woodlands goes completely crazy when a strange black car comes into town with a purple exhaust, creating a mess of orange track. The track is fantastic fun but unfortunately it also creates some terrifying monsters and Team Hot wheels have to come to the rescue and save the town.

This full length feature adventure had Alison on the edge of her seat although Elizabeth got bored of this very easily.

Extra features:

The Making of Team Hot Wheels®: The Origin of Awesome: (5min approx.)

Team Hot Wheels® Anthem: (1:30min approx.)