Horrid Henry Series 1 and 2 dvd Collection

We were sent the Horrid Henry Series 1 and 2 dvd collection by Abbey home media and it didnt disappoint with 103 episodes of pure horribleness the kids were enthralled but that was not what got my attention. Buying dvd’s is something us parents do when we know our children like something, I mean you are not going to go and buy this if your kids are not into Horrid Henry but sometimes I get really annoyed with the cheapness of the packaging especially when buying dvd collections. You know what I mean when the centre bit falls out or it is on one of those stupid flappy things in the middle of the case or worse the cheap cardboard outer that is supposed to keep them safe falls apart in your hands after only the second use (Sorry a bit of a rant there). What I noticed about these dvds is the quality of the packaging, I mean have a look at these photos.
That contains 6 dvds in lovely individual holders that are made of sturdy plastic and all sit nicely together. I couldnt believe it. Do you know what else I couldnt believe? The makers of Horrid Henry also made my all time favourite show Super Ted (God I feel old now) and Spot the dog and so many other shows from my childhood. If you want to go back in time Abbey Home Media are definitely the people to do that.

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