Hendon kitchen from Plum products


Nothing gets the kids imagination going quite as much as a kitchen.

We have had a few kitchens over the years from the cheap tacky ones I picked up in b and M for less than a tenner to a large plastic Disney princess one that made noises and had flashing lights and cost far too much money. The cheap one fell apart and the Disney one did too much for the girls, they soon lost interest as they were unable to get their imaginations going, it even told them what recipes they were cooking!

The Hendon kitchen by Plum Products is the opposite of both of those. It is solidly build from wood with plain detailing with just enough to spark the imagination. The only noises are the clicks that come from turning the knobs on the front. It came with a frying pan, spoon and spatula all of which were made from wood too.

The best bit for me as a parent though? The removable plastic sink! The ability to take it out and give it a good clean after the girls have been playing with it is a great feature.


Sometimes you get products like this that need assembling and it is a nightmare but Plum have done really well and packed the screws in a fantastic layout that makes life easier. The only down side on assembly was that no tools were included. Luckily you only needed a philips head screw driver.

There were a few of the pre drilled screw holes that were slightly out of line but Hubby was able to get all the screws lined up fairly easily and the Kitchen was built in record time. Hubby said that the instructions were really easy to follow with instructions in illustration form.

The Kitchen is a fantastic addition to any play area and as it only has a small foot print it doesn’t take up too much room.

I love painted on detailing. It is just enough to make it obvious what each thing is without taking away the role playing opportunities. The hot and cold taps was an ingenious addition and something that the girls recognised straight away and play acted burning their hands on the water.

Watching them play together on this kitchen has been brilliant and we have had a cafe, a take away, a tea shop, a home and lots more.

This kitchen is not only fantastic quality but it is also a bargain and will really get those imaginative juices flowing.

I have also fallen in love with the Plum Products Lumberjack workbench which I think Alison would love.