Helping my fussy eater with PaediaSure Shake

Whenever we eat out we always get compliments about Alison’s choice of food. You see she although she is a fussy eater the foods she does eat are thought to be healthy.

Alison loves fruit and vegetables, she would eat a large salad or a plate of vegetables all the time but it does restrict her diet.

Although fruit and vegetables are a healthy choice it does not provide her with the vitamins and minerals that a balanced diet would. She doesn’t eat rice, pasta or potatoes, she doesn’t eat any form of meat in fact she doesn’t eat a lot of anything really.

When I was asked to review PaediaSure I had a look at the fussy eaters website for more information. PaediaSure Shake is a delicious drink for children who are fussy eaters, it is mixed with room temperature water to create a delicious drink  that Alison enjoyed drinking. It contains a balance of 26 vitamins and minerals. Especially designed for children, it contains protein, vitamin D and calcium for strong bones, as well as iron to support brain development – all essential nutrients that every child needs to grow and thrive.

As a specially formulated nutritional supplement, PaediaSure Shake can fill the gap with essential nutrients that children miss out on due to fussy eating. When we were sent the Strawberry PaediaSure Shake powder we were also sent a Practical 12-week ‘Back on Track’ eating plan for guidance to help Alison to establish healthy eating habits. It has been really useful so far and we are already seeing an increase in the foods she will try. 

Lots of children go through phases of fussy eating and PaediaSure is a great way of ensuring they are getting all the nutrients that they need during that phase. I did find that the portion did fill her up but as she is only four it is recommended that she only has a maximum of two glasses a day. She is not a big breakfast eater so we gave a glass each morning and then one before bed which seems to work well for her. You would need to find your own routine for this to ensure it doesn’t effect normal meal times. The shake was quite thick and had a lovely fruity taste to the strawberry one we received.  Alison would like to try the chocolate one as that is her favourite flavour so we will be looking at buying that one from boots when  she has finished this pot.

Having Alison drink PaediaSure means that I have stopped worrying about the fact that she does not have a very varied diet as I now know that she is getting everything she needs to be healthy and strong.

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