Hasbro Star Wars Force Link Starter Set

I have to admit that I love Star Wars so I am always interested in the new toys that are released and I was very excited to receive the new Hasbro Star Wars Force Link Starter Set and an additional Force Link figure. You can use the Force link technology to recreate the adventures of the Star Wars galaxy with sound effects and phrases from the movies in the palms of your hands!

The Star Wars Force Link Starter set comes with a Kylo Ren figure with cloak and light saber. The Force link interacts with over 30 figures, playsets and vehicles from the range. The Force Link wearable technology activates motion-controlled phrases, lights, and sounds from the range.

The force link technology requires 3 AAA batteries which are not included and is suitable for children aged 4 plus.


The figures are articulated at the hips and shoulders as well as the head. The cloak fits on the Kylo Ren figure easily but the light saber is quite thin and could be easy to break if you are not careful.

The Force link is to be worn on the wrist with the hinged joint at the back of the wrist so that the main pad sits on the back of the hand.

To turn the Force link on you need to tap the part resting on the lower arm. You can then grasp the figure in your hand and move the figure around. The different movements will create different sounds from the figures. You can also tap the Force link for more sounds.


The force link goes to sleep after 5 minutes of non-use. If the toy does not react to the force link then you need to adjust your hand placement. It took a bit of practice to begin with but we soon had the hang of it.  The Star Wars Force Link Start Set will open up a whole world of fun with the other sets that are compatible with this technology and if your child is really into playing with Star Wars toys then this would be the ideal start to a collection that will allow them to explore the whole galaxy.

You can purchase the Star Wars Force Link starter set (and additional characters and vehicles) on Amazon (affiliate link below)

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  1. It’s interesting to read you say you feel the light saber may break easily. I don’t feel as though the new figures are quite as robust as the original ones from the 70s/80s? This is on my son’s Christmas list though, so I guess and I will just have to remind him to play carefully!

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