HappyHopperz from www.babyblack.co.uk


If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that we went to the Lollibop festival in London back in August, whilst we were there I bought Alison (2) a Happy hopper from Baby black and sister company Super Natural Clothing who had a stall there.

They had set up what looked like a pig pen full of happyhopperz and the kids were going mad for them.  There were so many different animals to choose from but we ended up with a red reindeer because by the time we bought one they had nearly sold out.  These are definitely a toy of choice for toddlers and bigger kids alike.  My two fought over the happy hopper from the moment we blew it up so we gave in and got Elizabeth (3) a pink cow one.

We have had all age of children playing on them including the biggest child of all, the girls godfather who is 31. He couldn’t quite fit but the girls had fun laughing at him.

So if you are wondering what to get a little rascal for Christmas or even a birthday head over to babyblack.co.uk  were you can pick one up for £25 including postage.

Babyblack have kindly donated a orange or green reindeer HappyHopperz and a babygrow to my Christmas tombola.

I did not receive anything for writing this post, it is all my own thoughts and words and the happy hopperz I own were paid for in full.

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