Handlebar Heroes!


When I was at the toy fair a few weeks ago I came across a great company who made the most adoreable scooter and bike accessories called HandleBar Heroes.

This was a company that incorporated creativity and style, a company that made a product so simple yet so amazing and one who really put a lot of thought into the design.

Take Alison’s Black Horse (Sooty) he came with three different colour straps to go over his nose, blue, red and green. Alison chose blue as it blended so well with her scooter.

Elizabeth was absolutely amazed by the sparkly pink nature of Twinkle her unicorn and as a parent I was hugely relieved to find that the glitter stayed on the unicorn and not on everything it touched!

Handlebar heroes go together using different poppers which help create the shape from the flat piece of foam and also help to place the Handlebar Hero onto the chosen scooter or bike.

The girls absolutely loved them and it has really added an extra dimension of imaginative play to their scooters which has been brilliant to watch. We have been knights rescuing princesses and show jumping competitions.

Handlebar Heroes are a fantastic product that would make a great gift and with such a huge range there will be a hero perfect for everyone and they are less than £10 too! The mini Handlebar Heroes you can see on Elizabeths scooter are only £3.50.