Haba – The Little Orchard


We love The Orchard games from Haba after reviewing The Orchard card game back in June. A very simple team work game the comes in different sizes.

Haba games stand out because they are not only a lot of fun and also because they really help children to develop team work skills. The games feature easy-to-handle play materials, made from wood and card, which are also perfect for free play. They also come with simple, easily understood rules and the descriptions of the games, which take children into the world of role play.

The rules of play for The Little Orchard are really rather simple. You roll the dice and then turn over a matching card. A raven moves the raven one space, a cherry adds a pair of cherries to the basket and a sleeping animal means that play passes to the next player.

The game ends when either all of the cherries are in the basket or the Raven makes is way to the tree.

This game has been a great hit with the girls and everyone else who has played it over the past two weeks and it has been played with nearly every day.

Haba are a brand that I will be keeping an eye on for innovative and well made products.