Gummy Candy Maker

Do you worry about the contents of kids sweets? too many additives and e numbers?

When I was at the Lakeland Xmas in July event I came across this fantastic device that allows you to make your own sweets. The Gummy Bear Candy Maker.

With a variety of designs and an extra large teddy mould you can create your own gummy sweets using fresh fruit juice (and a variety of other recipes)

Using the recipe book provided you melt the gelatin in the heated bowl in the centre, add the juice and then pour into the moulds. With the help of ice under the mould trays you can have gummy sweets to snack on in minutes.

I would like to take this moment to share with you some words of wisdom. The recipe may look like it is using too much gelatin but if you think you know best your sweets will not set correctly. Take this from someone who knows!

A great kitchen gadget for the additive conscious parent who would still like to give their kids an occasional treat.