Gumigems – for the whole family

Ok so maybe they are not supposed to be for the whole family but as I sit at my desk typing away at the computer I am biting down on my lightening shaped Gumigem.

I am an ex smoker, it has been 4 year next week since i quit, normally I chew pens now I chew my gumigem. I am not the only one who loves the gumigem though. Elizabeth likes using it to calm down and really enjoys chomping away on it when she doesnt get her own way. Alison has her back teeth coming through and every night this week she has taken the gumigem to bed with her to have a good chew. The lightening shape is great for the back teeth as it can reach all the way back. Gumigem’s come in all sorts of shapes and colours.

This is what my gumigem looks like. Being a bit of a rock chick and always wearing black this is great. No-one notices that it is made of a rubbery type substance, well not until they see me chew it. One of the girls at work commented on how nice it looked and then i showed her what it was made of and she couldnt believe it.

In fact I couldnt believe how good the quality is………

and how nice it feels to bite.

Gumigem have donated a Gumigem of the winners choice to my Christmas Tombola.

I was provided with a free Gumigem for review purposes.

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