Guinness World Record Game


Christmas in our house is all about the board games and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to test out some of the more adult games I have been sent to review over the past few months.

The first game we played after dinner was also one of the funniest, Guinness World Records had me balancing dice on the back of my hand whilst blindfolded, yep you guessed it I wasn’t very good at that but my mum was a lot more comfortable when it was her turn. Lucky for her no blindfold was needed for this challenge.

The game required you to collect different coloured tokens when you completed different challenges whether answering questions or trying to complete a record. The questions asked were all based around the Guinness World Records Books like Who am I, multiple choice or guessing the closest to the correct record. It was great fun and had us all laughing at times. 

This game was great to play as a family and even the teenagers enjoyed playing along with us, mostly so they could laugh at our feeble record attempts but even so.

I would definitely recommend the Paul Lamond Guinness World Records Game to anyone wanting a more grown up family game to play.