Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Electronic Music Mix Star-Lord

We are huge Guardians of the Galaxy fans so we were all very excited for the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and the toy line too. Hasbro sent us the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Electronic Music Mix Star-Lord figure which has a pretty cool feature.

The Electronic Music Mix Star-Lord figure comes with 2 Kree sub-machine blaster accessories and a mix tape. The figure takes 2 AA batteries and it comes with demo batteries installed which means that he should be ready to play with straight away.


To activate the Electronic Music Mix Star-Lord figure you just need to press the button on his cassette player. The Electronic Music Mix Star-lord figure will play music and say phrases from the movie. With 25 phrases in total all in the same voice as the character in the movie this figure is a great way of getting children’s imaginations creating their very own reenactments of the film. If you insert the mix tape into the cassette player on his hip and then press the button on the cassette player you will hear music clips from the movie. If you press the button with the tape inserted whilst the music is still playing you will hear a sound of the song fast forwarding and the next song will start. If no song is playing and you press and hold the button you will hear a rewind of the music and the last song will start again.

The Star-Lord figure is a fully moulded figure so you cant remove his helmet, clothes or boots. He does however have articulated arms at the shoulder joint so you can raise his arms up to pretend to shoot his blasters. As he is fully moulded this does mean that he is able to stand unaided which means he is great to play with.


My girls love the fact he has so many recognisable phrases from the movie and as a parent I love the fact that he will still work once they lose the mix tape because you know that they will eventually. One thing I will add is that it was quite tricky to get Star-Lord to hold his blasters but once he has gripped them his hands hold on to them nicely which means they don’t slip off all the time which can happen with other figures.