GoldieBlox – engineering for girls

GoldieBlox created by engineer and entrepreneur Debbie Sterling aims to introduce engineering concepts to girls at an early age.

Each set features an interactive toy, containing a book series and construction set, which encourages kids to build in the context of a narrative. The stories feature Goldie, a girl inventor who solves problems by building simple machines.

We were sent three sets –
GoldieBlox and the spinning machine
GoldieBlox and the parade float
GoldieBlox and the dunk tank

I was really impressed with the quality of the building materials. They were simple and easy to use yet sturdy. The books that went alongside were fun and informative and the rhyming made it interesting for the children.

We had great fun building these together.

What surprised me most about these sets is how much the kids enjoyed playing with them by themselves. Alison in particular spent a long time trying different ways to build with the materials supplied. She particularly enjoyed the spinning machine and working out how to make them all turn.

Alison has just turned 5 and she has literally spent hours working out all the different ways to put these together and having fun with the figures.

I would definitely recommend these toys to all inquisitive little girls who like to see how things work.