Go MINI Crew-zers HQ Playset and Go MINI Stunt racer


I have always loved the look of the Go MINI crew after seeing them last year at Christmas in July. The Go MINI stunt racers are great pull back cars that have two modes from Stunt to straight. By turning a switch on the bottom of the stunt racers you can turn them between the two modes. Each Stunt racer has its own stunt so you can collect different ones to see what they do.

The Go MINI Crew-zers HQ Playset is for use with the smaller Go MINI Crew-zers and not with the Go MINI Freestylers.

The Go MINI Crew-zers playset comes with one Go MINI Crew-zer that you can only get with th
e playset.

The playset has three levels each with different features.


The ground floor includes the dog kennel escape hatch which barks and a hiding place with yellow coloured plastic. There is also a set of steps for the Crew-zers to drive up an down which leads to the first floor.


The first floor includes the Go MINI disco with spinning platform, engine noises, flashing lights and music. All controlled by placing a Go MINI on the platform and pushing in the large red button it is easy for young children to use and creates lots of fun.

The girls both love seeing how fast they can spin the platform and it has become a bit of a competition.


The top floor includes a fantastic trap door that allows the car to race all the way down through the playset and out of the kennel waking up the dog as it goes past. It also has a verticle wall which allows the car provided to stop stationary without falling off.

It is a great compact garage playset with only a few niggly bits. My first issue is having to put the stickers on myself, I hate doing this! My next issue is with the flag which falls out and the final problem is that the bottom of the verticle road is angled wrong for you to be able to driev up it with your wheels on the tracks (see picture). I suppose that as this does not bother the kids and it does help to keep it compact t is fine ibut for me I see it as a flaw in the design that could have been rectified by extending the curvature of the ramp slightly.

All in all a great playset with which the girls have had many adventures and enjoyed lots of imaginative play.