Glitza Tattoo Studio

Having two young girls means that I have been begged for every single tattoo, nail studio, make up set going and I am always on the look out for one that is easy for me to use, works well and looks good. I have bought a few sets over the last year or so from places like Hamleys but they always seem to involve a lot of messing around and I am not the most patient of person so I hate these fiddly sets. Lucky for me the Glitza Tattoo studio is lovely and simple.

Choose your tattoo, apply to skin rubbing it or warming it so the glue transfers to the skin. Remove plastic backing and then use the brushes provided to add the glitter. It is simple yet effective and even I can’t mess it up.

You can also use the tattoos on other surfaces and as well as the glitter there are a variety of papers, metallics and fabrics you can transfer to your favourite thing which makes decorating a head band (one supplied), a diary or anything else you can think of really simple.
As well as the larger tattoos there are also some nail sized tattoos and some nail gems provided but I have yet to use them. However as they follow the same principle and there are tweezers and a magnifying glass included to help with the smaller details I can imagine that they will be just as easy.